Let's Grow!

Create. Cultivate. Celebrate!

Born from a passion for style and natural beauty, BiB was planted to bring people together in a therapeutic way by celebrating friendship through creativity!

We are a duo of beauties from far away lands; Cindy is from the mystic meadows of Vietnam and Natalia from the majestic mountains of Colombia. Having met in Singapore, our two creative and innovative minds came together. We love to help fulfill the two things we all need in life: to make things look beautiful and help us feel good.

Beauties in Bloom brings bespoke floral designs and workshops to anyone who want to bond and gather around for various occasions: birthdays, graduations, bridal parties, team building sessions or simply for therapeutic stress relief.


We are blooming happy you came to visit us. Send a quick message to get an event quote or bespoke product blossoming and lets grow!


Bloomingly yours,

Cindy & Nat