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Using silk blooms and foliage, learn how to select complementing flowers, build a crown step by step and get styling help along the way.




Our Blooming Products

Unlock your creativity and experience bespoke crowning events for your special occasion! Celebrate birthdays, graduations, bridal parties, romantic picnicsmilestones, baby showers, tea time or corporate well-being sessions by creating an unforgettable experience with Beauties in Bloom. Workshops are tailor-made for beauties of all ages. We provide the tools, the floral designs and the expertise to transform your festive themes into picture-perfect moments that reflect your own personal palette.

Email us to discuss ideas for your blossoming experience at beautiesinbloomsg@gmail.com

Crowing Ovation: "Now with the world of wearing masks, it is so much fun with a flower crown. I wear it whenever I get a chance, even conference calls - I love it, and my clients loves it also. Definitely brings happiness and fun factor into every occasion. Everyone should wear a crown because everyone is a QUEEN inside." Yasmine Khater - Executive Coach and Sales Storytelling Trainer

Special Events

Be it a virtual or live event, the key to a memorable moment lies in the details of the experience.

Building a bespoke floral crown in your favorite colors or with your favorite flowers alongside your friends or family is exactly that uniquely fun, relaxing and unforgettable event that you were looking for!

Corporate Well-Being

High job demands plus low social support at work are two of the biggest contributors to stress and unhappiness in today's corporate environment, according to Stanford University.


That's why to build or strengthen a culture of supportive and encouraging work colleagues, we need to spend time expressing our individual creativity together in a relaxing way. Build something amazing that you can show off to your family, friends and visitors!

Brand Partnerships

Want to keep up to date with the trends of styling to reach new clients and keep the attention of your followers?

While you focus on your brand targets, we focus on making them look good. Display your products or service offerings next to our blooming beautiful creations to create captivating pictures or attention grabbing videos and engaging live events.